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Is it wrong that i need this at my wedding?

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Dream on.

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Crossover Ratatouille/The Princess and The Frog!
As promised, here we have two chefs who share the same passion for cooking! <3
What do you think, wouldn’t they make the perfect team?

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Seriously.  It’s like they weren’t even TRYING to be original.

Part of what made Once Upon a Time awesome was that they were interpreting and being inspired by classic Disney stories.  Not copying them.  Yes, we had Belle’s yellow dress, but she didn’t look like she’d walked off the set of Beauty and the Beast, or was playing Belle at Disney World.It was still very Once.

But I cannot abide by this Frozen invasion. They all look like cast members at a theme park.  There is absolutely nothing original, nothing Once Upon a Time about the way these characters look.  They’re carbon copies, and I HATE that.  If I’d wanted to see the characters, I’d just watch the movie again.  I come to this show for something different, for a new take on something I love.

Just look at that troll next to a screencap of the movie.  My roommate and I are CONVINCED they pulled the same troll CGI model from the vault, slapped a filter on it, and BAM there was the troll in Once.

But it’s not just the look of the characters.  Once doing Frozen is a unique situation, because the Disney property is SO recent.  Look, I get it.  Disney doesn’t hate money.  They’d be stupid not to jump on this bandwagon.  And I understand why this particular arc is being set after the events in Frozen.  But it feels like Once is being used as the vessel for the Frozen sequel Disney wants immediately but will take years to make.  

It sounds so hipster of me, but it feels like the show sold out.  Even the interesting plot lines, like who wrote the story book (a plot point I’ve been interested in since August showed up in season one), are being totally overshadowed by OMG FROZEN.

I was worried at the end of last season.  And that worry grew over the summer, to the point where I referred to the show as “Once Upon a Frozen.”  But surely, I thought, it couldn’t be as bad as I was imagining it.  It was still Once.  It still had a chance.

Nope. Didn’t happen. 

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Then I wonder…what was wrong with this girl? She seems pretty and knows how to bow. Get to know her! Just because she isn’t wearing a sparkly motherflipping dress. 

maybe he’s got a thing for blondes?

He likes his own preference. See here’s the thing that makes their love so awesome. No other woman stood out before Cinderella. Sure, they’re all beautiful but remember? The prince thought this was boring. He would rather be out riding his horse or something than meeting all these women. He wasn’t looking for love. He just did this ball because the king wanted it. He’s annoyed and looks up at his father yawning because he doesn’t want to be with anyone. Then Cinderella comes and she’s the ONLY one not in line waiting to meet him. She’s the only one who has no idea what she’s doing there and she’s walking around aimlessly. That’s what caught the prince. Some of you might say that it was her beautiful dress but I tend to believe that it was because she was the only one who wasn’t waiting to see him. He knew all these women just liked him because he’s the prince. He knew they were only after the kingdom so they could be rich (like Cinderella’s step-sisters). He could tell Cinderella was different. Even if her dress made him notice her first, it’s the woman that makes the dress. Not the dress that makes the woman. To seal the deal, when Cinderella is running away, her excuse is that she hasn’t met the prince which shows him that she fell in love for him. Not his royalty.



Gogo Tomago from Disney’s Big Hero 6

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Lisa Keene concept art for Frozen, Tangled and The Princess and the Frog.

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